About Signal Four Analytics

Florida Signal Four Analytics is an interactive, web-based system designed to support the crash mapping and analysis needs of law enforcement, traffic engineering, transportation planning agencies, and research institutions in the state of Florida.

This system is developed by the GeoPlan Center at the University of Florida, and funded by the state of Florida through the Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC). Following a preliminary pilot, the system will become available for use via the internet to any interested public agency or organization in Florida.

Traffic crash data is available now in greater detail than ever, but making sense of this data remains a challenge to law enforcement, transportation planners, and traffic engineers. These professionals need powerful, accessible, and affordable tools to explore the spatial and logical relationships that drive decisions on resource allocation and project prioritization.

Signal Four Analytics aims to address these needs by providing current crash and streets data paired with interactive analysis and visualization tools, accessible via any modern web browser. If your agency or organization could benefit, we would love to hear from you.

For questions, or to learn more about Florida Signal Four Analytics, contact project director Dr. Ilir Bejleri by email at ilir@ufl.edu or by phone at 954-214-7885.

Pilot Agency

Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) is currently the statewide pilot agency for this system. The GeoPlan Center and FHP are working together to ensure that the system will fulfill the crash analysis needs of law enforcement for identifying critical safety areas in order to apply enforcement and education¬†countermeasures effectively to reduce fatalities and injuries on Florida’s roadways.

Crash data – long and short form, collected electronically by FHP officers at crash sites throughout the state – is transmitted nightly to the GeoPlan Center and loaded into the Signal Four Analytics database. Live database statistics are shown above and to the right.

Once the pilot phase is complete, Signal Four Analytics will be extended for use to interested traffic engineering, transportation planning, and other law enforcement agencies in Florida. See the news feed (above and to the right) for updates.