Analytics v0.7 released

Signal Four Analytics v0.7 was deployed on Friday, March 9. New features and enhancements:
  • Driver Age Range filter expanded to include all standard age ranges from the Crash Book
  • Common Violations filter added (includes Unlawful or Unsafe Speed, Ran Red Light, Failed to Yield Right of Way, Failed to Obey Traffic Control Device, and Careless Driving options)
  • Added Incapacitating Injury option to the Crash Severity filter
  • Other Crash Circumstances filter added (includes School Bus Related, Within City Limits, Within Interchange, Work Zone Related, Workers in Work Zone, and Law Enforcement in Work Zone options)
  • Added Month of Year, Gender of Driver, Age of Driver, and Weather Condition options to Bar/Pie Chart Attributes
  • Added Gray Base Map layer as a map option
  • Enhanced Aerial Base Map layer with streets overlay
  • Support for significantly larger result sets