Analytics v0.95 released – load up to 20,000 points, intelligent map visualization, county clustering, and more

Analytics v0.95 was released on Friday, October 26. This is our most ambitious release to date, completely re-engineered under the hood to facilitate the development of new and more powerful analytic features.

As of this release, new features and fixes include:

  • Ability to map up to 20,000 points at a time
  • Ability to load up to 80,000 records at a time
  • Consolidated map toolbar
  • Several new tools for map interaction
  • County-level clustering
  • Intelligent data visualization for your current zoom level
  • Crash type symbols on map
  • Crash severity symbols in table
  • Ability to filter for selected records only in table
  • Ability to load unmapped (i.e., not successfully geolocated) records into table
  • Improved labels and status messages
  • Countless enhancements and bug fixes